Refund policy


In this General Conditions are understood under:
Two-wheelerthe (electric) bicycle;
the Agreementthe Agreement of purchase and  sale of a Two-wheeler;
Eager Bikes:  span>the one who pursuant to the Agreement sells a new Two-wheeler for it, being Autobedrijf van den Udenhout BV
-Copperthe person who purchases a new Two-wheeler under the Agreement;
the warrantythe warranty provided by the manufacturer, importer < /span>of Eager Bikes on new Bicycles, parts and accessories is provided;






Article 1 – Remote purchase


In the case of distance selling, where the Buyer is a natural person, the legal rules regarding distance selling apply.
1.1 When purchasing the The Buyer has the right to dissolve the Agreement without stating reasons during a period of fourteen days from the day of receipt of the Bike by or on behalf of the Buyer.

1.2 The reflection period referred to in paragraph 1 starts on the day after the Buyer has received the Two-wheeler .


Article 2 – V Obligations Buyer upon revocation


< p data-mce-fragment="1">2.1 During the cooling-off period the Buyer will handle the Bicycle with care:
a. Buyer will only use the Two-Wheeler to the extent 
necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of the Two-Wheeler;

b. A total maximum mileage is allowed of 20 km during these 14 days;

c. The Buyer is obliged to insure the Bicycle during this period against damage and theft and is liable for any damage that occurs during this period;

d. All traffic rules and all other applicable laws and regulations must be complied with by Buyer;
e. The Two-wheeler must be closed by the Buyer after use 

f. Malfunctions, defects or other problems with the Two-wheeler must be reported immediately by Buyer to Eager Bikes.

g. Damage to the Bicycle must be repaired by a brand recognized damage repair company;

2.2 In order to during the withdrawal period, the Buyer is in any case not allowed to:
a. Drive more than 20 kilometers with the Two-wheeler;

b. To remove or add something to the Two-wheeler adjust or add;

c. The Tweewieler can be used outside the Netherlands;
d. Loading the Tweewieler too heavily;
e. To use the Tweewieler outside the direct first-line 
family circle;

f. To rent out or make available the Tweewieler to third parties; or

g. To use the Tweewieler in any other careless, careless, negligent or unlawful manner.

2.3 If the Buyer acts contrary to one or more of the provisions as referred to in Article 2.1 and/or 2.2 of the terms and conditions for distance selling or has used the Bicycle in a way other than necessary to determine the nature, characteristics or functioning of the Two-wheeler, then the Buyer is liable towards Eager Bikes for the decrease in value of the Two-wheeler caused by that act. The amount of the depreciation is determined by an independent surveyor to be designated by Eager Bikes and is binding on Eager Bikes and the Buyer.


ARTICLE 3 – Youexercise right of withdrawal and costs span>


3.1 If If the buyer makes use of his right of withdrawal, he must notify Eager Bikes of this within the cooling-off period by e-mailing the model withdrawal form to The model withdrawal form is attached as Annex 1 to these general terms and conditions. From that moment on, the Buyer is no longer entitled to use the Bicycle. Buyer hereby reports the counter position of the Two-wheeler if registered - , and sends a photo of this counter. 3.2 Within 14 days from the day following the notification referred to in paragraph 1, the Buyer will return the Bicycle or deliver it to Eager Bikes. The buyer has in any case observed the return period if he returns the Bicycle before the reflection period has expired.

3.3 The Buyer shall return the Bicycle with all accessories supplied, in accordance with the reasonable terms provided by Eager Bikes. and clear instructions. 3.4 The risk and the burden of proof for the correct and timely exercise of the right of withdrawal rests with the Buyer.

3.5 Buyer bears the direct costs of returning the Two-wheeler.

3.6 If Buyer exercises his right of withdrawal, therefore only considers the Agreement as dissolved . In addition, any other Agreements with third parties are at the expense and risk of the Buyer to dissolve.

3.7 In accordance with the provisions of Article 6:230s and Article 7:11 of the Dutch Civil Code, the Buyer bears the risk of loss or damage to the Bicycle during the cooling-off period, until the moment that the Two-wheeler has been delivered to Eager Bikes.

3.8 Until the moment that the Bicycle has been received by Eager Bikes, the Buyer remains liable for all legal obligations and costs associated with owning the Bicycle.

3.9 If, after invoking the right of withdrawal, the Two-wheeler has still been driven, the Buyer owes Eager Bikes a compensation for this equal to a depreciation of 25% of the purchase value in case of a pre-owned Two-wheeler respectively 30% in case of a new Two-wheeler.


Article 4 – Vobligations Eager Bikes upon withdrawal


4.1 After the Buyer (electronically) makes use of his right of withdrawal, Eager Bikes will immediately send a confirmation of receipt after receiving this notification.

4.2 In the event of withdrawal, Eager Bikes will reimburse all payments made by the Buyer, including any delivery costs charged by Eager Bikes for the returned Two-wheeler, without delay but within 14 days following the day the Bicycle has been made available to Eager Bikes again, all this subject to the provisions of Articles 1 and 2 of the general terms and conditions of distance purchase.

4.3 Eager Bikes is entitled to set off the amounts owed by the Buyer to Eager Bikes against the purchase price, which Eager Bikes will refund to the Buyer in the event of withdrawal.


Article 5 – Inname protocol upon revocation


5.1 If the Bicycle is at the disposal of Eager Bikes, Eager Bikes will determine:
a. whether all accompanying documents and keys are complete 
; p>

b. what the counter reading is of the Two-wheeler, as far as known;

5.2 After the Two-wheeler has been taken over by Eager Bikes, the Two-wheeler will be checked by Eager Bikes for depreciation as a result of use of the Two-wheeler which is contrary to the provisions of Article 2 of these Terms and Conditions. The outcome of this is binding on the parties.
5.3. If Eager Bikes states that:
a. the Bicycle has decreased in value as a result of 
use in violation of article 2; and/or

b. more than 20 kilometers have been driven with the Two-wheeler by Koper; and/or

c. After invoking the right of withdrawal, the Two-wheeler has still been driven;

Buyer owes Eager Bikes the amounts stated by Eager Bikes. These amounts are immediately due and payable by Eager Bikes.




Email the model withdrawal form to

Version 2021.05


Model form for termination / revocation

< p> 

Fill out and return this form only if you wish to cancel/revoke the Agreement.


< span>To Eager Bikes
Mail :


I hereby inform you that I revoke our Agreement concerning the sale of the following goods:


Bicycle Brand :

Type :

Frame number :< /p>

Counter reading (if applicable) :

Ordered on :

Received on :

Name of Buyer :

Address Buyer :


Signature :

[Only when this form is submitted on paper] p>

Date :