How do you maintain the battery of an E-bike? Read our 5 tips!

June 16 2021

Kalkhoff e-bike

Kalkhoff e-bike

The lithium batteries in your e-bike are known for their ability to store large amounts of energy. If you take good care of the battery, it will last longer, with these tips you also prevent expensive maintenance!

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Tip 1: Make sure the battery is always charged.

In general, it is best to keep lithium batteries fully charged, even if you have only made a short trip. If you regularly drive the battery completely empty, this ensures that the battery can ultimately retain less energy. If you do cycle the battery completely empty - that can always happen of course - make sure that you fully charge it as soon as possible.

Tip 2: Always keep the battery of your e-bike clean and dry.

Of course, the battery can get dirty and wet when you have just taken a ride through the rain. A lithium battery can handle that, so don't worry! Nevertheless, it is good to thoroughly clean and dry the battery after such a ride to prevent oxidation and corrosion. This way you can be sure that the battery of your e-bike will not be damaged. We therefore recommend checking and cleaning the battery contacts on a monthly basis to prevent corrosion.

Tip 3: Keep the battery of your e-bike as cool as possible.

The lithium powder in the battery cells decreases its electrical resistance as it gets warmer. This means that the battery discharges faster in warmer conditions and therefore needs to be recharged more often.

Under cold conditions, the resistance of the lithium powder decreases. so that you will be able to drive less far than under warm conditions.

A lithium battery is therefore best stored under cold conditions where the lithium powder resistance is highest and the battery remains fully charged for the longest time. Camera manufacturers even recommend that their customers keep the camera battery in the refrigerator. This will be a bit more difficult for an e-bike battery, so keep it as cool as possible.

Note: when you are going to charge the battery of your e-bike, make sure make sure you do this when the battery is at room temperature. Charging when the battery is too cold can damage the battery.

Tip 4: Maintain the battery when you do not use the e-bike for a longer period of time.

If you know that you will use your e-bike for a longer If you are not going to use it for a while, it is wise to take some precautions.

A lithium battery discharges itself when you are not using it. This discharge is fastest when the battery is fully charged and slowest when the battery is almost empty. As you now know, it is not good to let the battery go empty, so it is not wise to put the battery away almost empty. That is why we opt for the golden mean. Namely, to charge the battery to 80% when you are not going to use your e-bike for a few months.

After that, we recommend that you store the battery in the coolest possible place and to charge briefly every 5 to 10 weeks.

Tip 5: Never open the battery.

Never open the battery of your e-bike to carry out a repair yourself or to take a look. Opening a lithium battery is extremely dangerous!

Lithium powder is very flammable and ignites on contact with oxygen! If you think the battery is damaged, take it to an expert.

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