Clean your bike within 15 minutes

May 06 2021

Je fiets cleanen binnen 15 minuten

Je fiets cleanen binnen 15 minuten

"Clean bikes are fast bikes."

Clean up. From novice cyclist to experienced mile-eater, every cyclist has to believe it. If you don't want to be left to the average knowledge and skills of your bike mates, read this article about our tips & tricks about cleaning your racing bike.

1: First things first, collect the things you need: soapy water, sponge, garden hose, an old dry cloth, a brush and degreaser. You can buy a special degreaser for this or go for a low-budget variant such as Dasty (our favorite).

2: Then it's time for action! First remove the wheels from your bicycle and make sure that you can turn the pedals freely. This will make checking the chain a lot easier. Then hang or place the frame in a stand. No standard home? No problem, you can also attach the bicycle to two ropes and hang it on a wooden or steel beam.

First take the brush and lubricate it with the degreaser. Then run the brush along your bottom brackets, cassette and inner and outer leaf. Then hold the brush next to the chain. Then when you turn the pedals, you get to every piece of the chain. This is crucial because dirt is always easily trapped in the chain and accumulates.

Then grab the soap and sponge for cleaning your bike. Dip your bike from front to back. From the handlebar tape and saddle to the brakes and rims. With the garden hose you can easily spray the dirt and leftover suds from your bike. Let it dry for a while or go over it with an old cloth to give it some extra shine!

To finish off your bike, you can also use the old cloth to dry the chain. If necessary, add some oil to the cloth to lubricate the chain. But watch out! Don't be too generous with the oil because the grease will make the dirt stick to the road better, and you obviously don't want that.

Now put your wheels back on your bike and go out for a ride to make a nice trip on your clean, radiant copy! Off you go.

3: Enjoy your clean and faster bike.

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