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January 06 2022

Specialized Roubaix Comp. Disc. 2020

Specialized Roubaix Comp. Disc. 2020

The now iconic Roubaix model was introduced by Specialized in 2004. Since its launch in 2004, many updates have been made to this model. Fortunately, Specialized has never lost sight of the core of the Roubaix: an ultra-light bike that lets you win races but is also rugged and comfortable enough to conquer the most challenging terrains.

Is the Roubaix right for you?

The Specialized Roubaix is designed for tough competition, like a real competition bike. Over the years, the bike has become a lot more versatile, making it a bike for everyone. Newer models are equipped with Future Shock, this is a suspension above the headset so that your hands and upper body have less to endure on difficult terrain. Is it still a real racing bike? Secure. We go back to 2019. Philippe Gilbert won the Hell of the North (Paris - Roubaix) on his Specialized Roubaix with Future Shock. This was not the first time that this hellish race was won on a Roubaix, so it is and remains a competition bike through and through.

Specialized Roubaix Philippe Gilbert

Philippe Gilbert during Paris - Roubaix 2019. Photo: Cycling Images

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What distinguishes the Specialized Roubaix even more?

The Roubaix models produced between 2017 and 2019 featured the innovative Future Shock for the first time. In addition, the seat posts of these bicycles had extra stability to better absorb impacts. These models also made it possible for the first time to fit wider 32mm tires on your Specialized Roubaix. To complete the Roubaix, these models were equipped with a SWAT box. A smart toolbox mounted on your bike. That way you always go prepared and you won't be faced with surprises.

Specialized RoubaixRoad Bike Specialized
The SWAT Box on an older model Specialized Roubaix. Photo: In-Yellow, L. Brun

The new Specialized Roubaix (2020 and up) has an even more aerodynamic frame. In addition, the flexible seat post has been replaced by the Pavé seat post. This pin is located deeper in the frame, so that the seatpost can bounce more when you ride over cobblestones. When you just sit on your bike or ride on a perfectly asphalted road, you won't notice this. Finally, Specialized has optimized the Future Shock system on the newer versions of the Roubaix.


The Specialized Roubaix is suitable for all types of surfaces and for every type of rider. With this bike you can be sure that you will have a comfortable ride, it feels a lot less aggressive than other racing bikes. But the rider who often goes over rough terrain can not ignore this bike.

Are you curious about the Specialized Roubaix?

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