This is how you ensure that your e-bike is always safe

November 03 2021

Zo zorg je ervoor dat je e-bike altijd veilig staat

Zo zorg je ervoor dat je e-bike altijd veilig staat

Unfortunately, the safety of your Kalkhoff e-bike< /a> is not always guaranteed. Still a popular target for e-bike thieves. That is why it is important that you properly secure your electric bicycle at all times. We are happy to give you some tips about securing your electric bicycle:

1. Always use a double lock outside

When you park your e-bike outside, for a longer period of time or just for 5 minutes, make sure that it is always on a double lock. Preferably with a lock that bears the ART quality mark. If your e-bike is inside, we still recommend that you lock it. This may also only be possible on single lock.

2. Put your electric bicycle in a safe place

Nowadays there are secure bicycle sheds in more and more places, this is the best place to park your bicycle when you are on the road. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and you will sometimes have to find a place yourself. It is best to find a place where you can see your e-bike yourself. That way you can keep an eye on it!

3. Remove the battery and display

Your Kalkhoff e-bike is less interesting for thieves if your electric bicycle no longer has a battery and display. The displays of every electric bicycle are certainly easy to remove and take with you, so always disconnect them when you park your e-bike.

4. Take out e-bike insurance

Should your Kalkhoff e-bike be stolen, you will be very happy to have a good insurance have closed.

5. Do not throw away your purchase invoice

In the unfortunate event that your electric bicycle is stolen, you will also want to report it to the police. Your proof of purchase contains details that the police will need when processing your report.

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