5 cycling clothing tips to stay warm this winter

November 12 2021

5 fietskleding tips om deze winter warm te blijven

5 fietskleding tips om deze winter warm te blijven

When the sun is shining, you prefer to ride at the front. The foundation for this is of course laid in the winter! It is therefore important to continue training in the winter if you want to be fit in the spring. But how do you stay warm during winter rides? Here we have 5 tips for you:

1. Make sure your feet stay warm

Your feet (along with your hands) will probably get cold first. To keep them warm, you can, for example, choose to purchase a pair of winter shoes.

To really combat the cold and wind, overshoes are a better and cheaper solution. Overshoes are available in many variants with different materials and thicknesses. There is a perfect shoe cover for every temperature and circumstance.

If you still get cold feet, you can still put foot warmers in your shoe (actually intended for winter sports, but also works perfectly for cycling).

2. Wear long sleeves and long pants

To avoid catching a cold, you no longer want to wear just your short summer outfit. That is why arm and leg warmers are available so that your arms and legs are covered in the late season. Ideal because if you get too hot, just take them off!

These arm and leg warmers are thinner than long winter trousers or a winter jacket with long sleeves. If it gets really cold you will have to switch to the real long clothes, specially developed for lower temperatures.

3. Wear something under your helmet

You lose a lot of heat through your head, so put a hat, race cap or bandana under your helmet so that less heat escapes!

4. Wear cycling gloves

Just like there are many overshoes, there are also cycling gloves available for every weather condition. Indispensable during a winter ride.

5. Dress in layers

To ensure that you get warm but not sweat unnecessarily, it is important to dress in layers.

Always start with a first layer that breathes well so that you do not sweat too much, if you do sweat, the sweat can escape well through this breathable layer.

The second layer should give you the most warmth. So grab a thicker thermal shirt or another warm shirt from your closet.

Layer three should ensure that you do not get wet and that you are well resistant to the wind. Think of a water-repellent jacket or a windstopper.

Enjoy your ride! And to stay extra warm, keep pedaling!

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